Certified Circular Service Factory

Certified Circular Service Factory

We are a seasoned company, dedicated to enhancing your business with our comprehensive services. Our portfolio includes Value Added Services, Circular End of Life Assurance, Electronic Manufacturing Subcontracting, and a dynamic Marketplace for renewed and refurbished devices.

We cater to a diverse clientele, from small businesses to global giants, guaranteeing excellence in every aspect of our services. When you choose NKS Group, you're not just optimizing your operations – you're championing sustainability in the circular industry.

Join us and experience the difference, where we manage it all in-house, ensuring maximum CO₂ savings and a brighter, eco-conscious future for your business.


Elevating Excellence

Certified for ISO Standards! 

NKS Group is ISO9001:2015ISO14001:2015, and ISO45001:2018 certified. These certifications emphasize our unwavering commitment to quality, environmental responsibility, and workplace safety. 

With NKS Group, you're partnering with a company dedicated to excellence and sustainability at every level. 

Join us on our journey towards continuous improvement.

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Certified Circular Processing Factory


Sebastian Ulfig

Sebastian Ulfig

Founder and Managing Director

15+ years of experience in AMS environment 

Ruud de Wildt

Ruud de Wildt

Co-owner and Business Development Director

28+ years of experience in AMS environment

Remigiusz Zerbst

Operations Director

10+ years of experience in AMS environment